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Auragen™ Precision Monitoring Electrodes

Conforms to the curvature of the cortical surface

Auragen™ cortical electrodes are designed to maximise strength, sensitivity, and pliability in order to facilitate safe and accurate EEG monitoring. A wide range of features help simplify the placement, performance and identification of the electrodes. Every electrode is manufactured to 100% quality inspection standards. Integra Brain Mapping products are relied upon around the world as vital tools for EEG monitoring in Epilepsy and cortical mapping.

Materials and manufacturing

  • Low-impedance conductor wire for clear signals.
  • Property-specific silicones to facilitate ease of placement and conformity.
  • Kevlar™ strain relief for better resistance to elongation (if less than 12 contacts).

Manufacturing specifications and tolerances are held to the highest of standards with 100% final testing to ensure consistent quality, accuracy, and performance.

Multiple features are incorporated into each Auragen™ electrode to assist Physicians, EEG Technicians and Nurses throughout the various phases of monitoring, including:

  • 3D Conformal Grid to maximise cortical  surface contact.
  • Numbered contacts for instant contact identification.
  • Flush-mount contacts to maximise  cortical surface contact.
  • Serial-numbered leads for unique  lead identification.
  • Durable strain-relief for resistance to repeated  or direct pulls.
  • CamLock Connection system allows simple, reliable connections.
  • Lead configuration in a variety of layouts to accommodate a wide range of placement techniques.



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