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OCS2 Ojemann Cortical Stimulator

The OCS2 Ojemann Cortical Stimulator has been specifically designed to simplify intraoperative stimulation procedures.

The Model OCS2 Ojemann Cortical Stimulator is a portable, battery-operated, bipolar stimulator designed according to the specifications of Dr. George Ojemann of the University of Washington, Seattle. It is especially useful for cortical stimulation prior to epilepsy surgery and for intraoperative cortical mapping before cortical incision or placement of depth electrodes in patients with seizure disorders.

  • STIMULATE : Constant current biphasic wave minimises polarisation of stimulated tissue to maximise patient responses.
  • PROBE : Malleable Probe aids in the stimulation of discrete cortical regions and cortical nerves.
  • MAP : Direct Cortical Stimulation is a recognised standard in identifying eloquent tissue prior to resection of epileptogenic tissue and tumours.
  • MOTOR : locate sensorimotor cortex and descending motor pathways to identify the safest corridor to the tumour. Confirm anatomic integrity of the motor pathways during and after tumour resection.
  • SPEECH : identify essential language sites to maximise the extent of the tumour resection and minimise permanent language deficits.





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