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Limit uncertainty with the enhanced MAYFIELD®2 Cranial Stabilization System.

  • High performance composite and cast aluminium coated components provide durable, rigid and reliable materials to withstand the decontamination process requirements.
  • Resistant to wide range of pH detergents (pH from 3 to 11) in manual cleaning cycle.
  • Withstand WHO (World Health Organization) protocol for infectious diseases decontamination.
  • Autoclavable with high temperature from 132°C-134°C (-0/+3°C) from 3 to 18 minutes.
  • Ease of handling & adjustments.
  • Precise positioning.


MAYFIELD®2 Base Unit – A3101 & MAYFIELD®2 NARROW Base unit – A3100*

  • Support device that facilitates attachment of skull clamps and headrests systems to the Operating Room (OR) table.
  • No tool required for adjustment.
  • Includes A3018 standard swivel adaptor to provide a complete set.
  • Self locking lever provides added locking mechanism when the system is locked in place.


MAYFIELD®2 Skull Clamp – A3059

  • Design based on Modified Skull Clamp (A1059) to provide 3-point rigid cranial fixation.
  • Only one hand needed to disengage and smoothly slide the rachet arm.
  • Allows precision with skull clamp positioning:
    • Additional rocker arm positions for maximum access to the operative site.
    • Longer skull clamp uprights to better interface with patient’s facial anatomy.
    • 51% more ratcheting teeth for more precise and smaller increments when pushing together the two halves.
  • Compatible with current MAYFIELD® Skull pins.


MAYFIELD®2 TriStar swivel adaptors – A3008

  • Available for image-guided surgery procedures when ancillary components are required.


* All components are also sold separately.


MAYFIELD®2 Cranial Stabilization System is placed on the patient’s skull to hold their head and neck securely in a particular position when rigid fixation is desired.. The skull clamp is indicated for use in open and percutaneous craniotomies as well as spinal surgery when rigid fixation is necessary.


Do not use for other indications than the ones specified in the Instruction Manual.

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