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Integra Brain Retractor System

Limit Uncertainty with a broad range of retractor systems for neurosurgical procedures

Integra Brain Retractor System – A2012

A complete system with individual components providing as much or as little retraction as needed for each procedure.

  • Modular, self –retaining components allow a variety of configurations to surround the surgical site for retraction.
  • Compatible with all MAYFIELD® skull clamps and can be used at any stage during the procedure.
  • The system can be attached to the skull clamp or directly to the operating room table for procedures where a skull clamp is not necessary.
  • Sterilizable.

A2012_BrainRetractor_2 opacite   MIS_1_With_Skull_2.21.14

Multiple Configurations


Two retractor Arms with two retractor blades.


Side rail attachment with one retractor arm and one retractor blade.


The Integra Brain Retractor System is indicated for retraction of brain tissue during neurosurgical procedures. The Integra Brain Retractor may be used in conjunction with MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps or may attach to the side rails of the operating room table. The Integra Brain Retractor System also serves to support and position various instruments and handrests.


Do not use for other indications than the ones specified in the Instruction Manual.

Ordering Information

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Product Catalogues

Integra Brain Retractor System (A2012) includes*:

ComponentsCatalog #Quantity
Primary bars and clamp assembly417A10002 each
Floating Secondary Bars417A10014 each
Retractor Arms 9.5”417A10024 each
Handrest417A10031 each
PATTIE Tray417A10041 each
Tapered Retractor Blade, 1⁄4’’ to 3/4”(6.4 mm to 19.1 mm)417A10051 each
Tapered Retractor Blade, 5/32’’ to 5/8”(4.0 mm to 15.9mm)417A10061 each
Tapered Retractor Blade, 1/8’’ to 1/2”(3.2 mm to 12.7 mm)417A10071 each
Tapered Retractor Blade, 3/32’’ to 3/8”(2.4 mm to 9.5 mm)417A10081 each
Tapered Retractor Blade, 1/16’’ to 1/4”(1.6 mm to 6.4 mm)417A10091 each
Sterilization Case (not shown)417A10101 each

* any of the above components may be ordered separately.

Regulatory Information

For more information, please contact your Integra representative.
For complete product information, please consult product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, precautions, and instructions for use.