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MAYFIELD® Infinity XR2 Radiolucent System

Limit uncertainty by providing versatility in product configurations to meet positioning requirements during intraoperative imaging.

MAYFIELD® Infinity XR2 Base Units – A2079 or A2079E

Provide rigid support between surgical table and skull clamp or headrest for patient positioning:

  • Suitable for Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), Fluoroscopy and CT imaging modalities.
  • Set-up and positioning is easy with the simplified linkage components that are secured by color coded dual-action knobs, saving operating time.
  • Horizontal bar provides a wide imaging window – full side-to-side lateral positioning.
  • No tool is required for adjustments.


MAYFIELD® Radiolucent Spine Table Adaptor – A2600R

  • Connects to standard rail brackets of spine tables.
  • Easy attachment to the rails thanks to lock knobs.
  • The Spine Table Adaptor connects A2114 MAYFIELD® Skull Clamp.
  • Double-cam locking handle allows quick fixation.


MAYFIELD® Infinity XR2 Radiolucent Skull Clamp – A2114

  • Provides rigid 3-point skeletal fixation for cranial and cervical procedures involving Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), Fluoroscopy, CT imaging, and MR imaging modalities.
  • MR compatible up to 3 Tesla.
  • Double-Pawl ratchet mechanism for easier application of the skull clamp by the surgeon to the patient.
  • Optional child’s rocker arm.


MAYFIELD® Adult & paediatric Radiolucent Horseshoe Headrests – A2010 & A2011

  • Provides non invasive support in the prone and supine position.
  • Composite carbon fiber provides strength, durability and minimal artifact during imaging.
  • Vertical and lateral adjustments allow flexibility in patient positioning.
  • Supple fluid resistant gel pads provide comfort and reduce in the incidence of pressure necrosis.

A2010         radiolucent child

Link Arm Extensions

  • Provide additional length to allow non-Radiolucent components of the XR2 Base Unit to be positioned further outside the imaging window.

1.Integra_Short_Extension_463             2. Integra_Long_Extension_457

1. 437A2224 (5 In -12.7 cm) Link Arm Extension
2. 437A2225 (7 In -17,8 cm) Link Arm Extension

Force Module & Metal-Free Conversion Accessory

  • Converts the skull clamp to be free of any metal in the product during imaging.

1.Metal-Free_Conversion_Accessory_4.9.14      2.Removable_Force_Applicator_4.9.14

1. 439A1092 Metal-Free Conversion Accessory
2. 439A1093 Removable force module

Removable Child Rocker Arm – 439A1091

  • Rocker Arm holds two skull pins, allows for positioning on smaller skull sizes.

MAYFIELD® Infinity XR2 TriStar Swivel Adaptor – A2111

  • Provides two extra starburst attachments for ancillary equipment, when needed.
  • Allows for a strong attachment of image guided surgery components.
  • Easy set-up and firm fixation onto the Base Unit and the Skull Clamp.



The MAYFIELD® Infinity XR2 Base Units (A2079/A2079E) are intended to be used to support a patient during diagnostic examination and/or surgical procedures where a rigid support between surgical table and headrest, or skull clamp is necessary, positional freedom is required and where X-ray imaging modalities will be used.

The MAYFIELD®  Spine Table Adaptor (A2600R) is intended to be used to support a patient during diagnostic examination and/or surgical procedures where a rigid support between the carbon composite parallel rails style of surgery table and the skull clamp or headrest is necessary and positional freedom is required. A2600R is indicated for use when X-ray imaging modalities are required.

The MAYFIELD® Infinity XR2 Skull Clamp (A2114) is placed on the patient’s skull to hold their head and neck securely in a particular position when rigid fixation is desired. The Skull Clamp is indicated for use in open and percutaneous craniotomies as well as spinal surgery when rigid fixation is necessary. In addition, the clamp is indicated for use during utilization of imaging modalities such as intra-operative CT imaging, C-Arm X-Ray, digital subtraction techniques, and MR imaging.

The MAYFIELD® Adult Radiolucent Horseshoe Headrest (A2010) and Pediatric Radiolucent Horseshoe Headrest (A2011) are intended to be used to support a patient’s head in both the prone and supine positions during diagnostic examination or surgical procedures where support and stabilization of the head is desired but complete fixation of the head is not required.

The MAYFIELD® Infinity XR2 Tri-Star Swivel Adaptor (A2111) is designed to provide flexibility in positioning the patient’s head by allowing rotation in 360 degrees. The MAYFIELD® Infinity XR2 Tri-Star Swivel Adaptor provides two extra starburst attachments for ancillary equipment, when needed.


Do not use for other indications than the ones specified in the Instruction Manual.

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