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Limits uncertainty with its special dumb-bell balloon shape that assures controlled positioning for dilatation of prepunctured cerebral membrane.

The NeuroBalloon™ Catheter is designed for dilatation of prepunctured cerebral membrane fenestrations such as Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomies (ETVs).

  • The dilatation of the membrane fenestration can be observed through the transparent silicone of the NeuroBalloon™ catheter allowing maximum control.
  • This accurate positioning is especially important during ETVs to avoid damage to critical structures such as the basilar artery.

NeuroBalloon™ Kit includes:

  • A 4 Fr (1.35 mm) catheter with integral female luer lock connector and attached transparent silicone double balloon.
  • A 1 ml (1cc) syringe.



The NeuroBalloon™ Catheter is intended for dilatation of cerebral membrane fenestrations under direct or endoscopic visualization during intracranial procedures.


Do not use the NeuroBalloon™ Catheter for other indications than the ones specified in the instructions for use.

Warning: Not for intravascular use. Do not use in rigid neuro-tissues, such as dilatation of aqueducts stenosis or thick membranes of arachnoid cysts, since the balloon is not designed to withstand high pressure. If the dilatation of the target site is not successful with 1 ml of air, the tissue may be too rigid for this instrument. Over-inflation should not be attempted as it may damage the balloon; another technique should be used.

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