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NeuroSight™ Arc Software (Laptop)

Limit uncertainty with…

NeuroSight™ Arc anatomical planning software generates precise computer images of target structures enabling the surgeon to select the optimal approach. The versatile software is ideal for planning biopsies, stereotactic craniotomies, and placing electrodes during functional procedures.

Features include

  • Simple intuitive interface.
  • Midline correction to correct for head ring tilt.
  • Preplanning on non-localized images.
  • Auto Targeting based on orthogonal calculations from IC line.
  • Integrate the Atlas software directly into the plan and overlay the trajectory.
  • Universal “MagViewer”: click and hold for quick and easy magnification of any scan, which makes the choosing of points quick, easy, and accurate.
  • Image Smoothing is automatically performed on all scans making the images and structures clear and easy to see, even at a high zoom level.





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