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CUSA® Clarity

Limit uncertainty with the right combination of Speed and Selectivity

Maximize cranial tumor resection with a combination of Speed and Selectivity

Quick4 Technology provides you speed when you want it…

CUSA® Clarity system is powered by Quick4 combining four synergistic technologies working together to maximize resection of cranial tumors without compromising control.

… TissueSelect® mode provides you selectivity and control where you need it

Shema Clarity 2

  • Increased selectivity and margin of control
  • Provides pulsed energy and controls adaptive power
  • Tactile feedback allows to reposition the tip before damaging tissue
  • Improved selectivity at low amplitudes1
  • Amplitude and aspiration settings can be adjusted in increments of 5%

The enablers to experience speed and selectivity

Improved handpiece ergonomics provides you optimized control¹

  • Ergonomically balanced handpiece provides lightweight perception
  • Thermal shield eliminates point of heat for more comfort
  • Hexacog handpiece design limits overtorquing
  • Twist neutralizer adjustable clip allows to reposition the tubing to minimize wrist strain
  • Tri lobe nosecone with finger prints
  • 5 tips design to adapts tissue consistency and localization


Ready when you need it with simplified set up1

  • CUSA Quick Connect™ cartridge and tubing set simplifies set up1
  • Single use nosecone with integrated O-rings
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface provides clear guidance from set up through operation
  • On-screen help provides real-time assistance and troubleshooting on demand
  • Optional proportional footswitch mode enables control on the amplitude from the OR table
  • On Demand aspiration mode provides aspiration only when the footswitch is pressed

CUSA Clarity

1- Compared to CUSA® Excel+ system.
2- Compared to low frequency handpiece.


The CUSA Clarity Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator system is indicated for use in these surgical procedures where fragmentation, emulsification and aspiration of soft tissue is desirable: Neurosurgery, Gastrointestinal and affiliated organ surgery, Urological surgery, Plastic and reconstructive surgery, General surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Gynecological surgery, Thoracic surgery, Laparoscopic surgery and Thoracoscopic surgery.


This ultrasonic surgical aspirator device is not indicated for and should not be used for the removal of uterine fibroids.

Ordering Information

Catalog No. Description Quantity
C7000 CUSA Clarity Console with footswitch 1
C7001 CUSA Clarity Cart1
C7002 Footswitch 1
C7036 36 kHz Handpiece 1

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