Integra® Flowable Wound Matrix

Solution for Use in Deep Soft Tissue or Tunneling Wounds

The INTEGRA® Flowable Wound Matrix is an advanced wound care matrix comprised of a granulated cross-linked bovine tendon collagen and glycosaminoglycan. The granulated
collagen-glycosaminoglycan is hydrated with saline and applied in difficult to access wound sites and tunneled wounds. It provides a scaffold for cellular invasion and capillary growth.

The INTEGRA® Flowable Wound Matrix is mixed with sterile saline solution at the time of application to form a gel-like consistency. This flowable wound matrix is designed for use in deep soft tissue or tunneling wounds, such as diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, chronic vascular ulcers and other wounds where a flowable wound matrix is appropriate.
When a wound is found to “tunnel” into deep soft tissue and has an irregular geometry, grafting with a sheet form is not adequate. In order to effectively correct the defect, one must obtain contact with the wound bed and fill the wound.

This can be accomplished with the INTEGRA® Flowable Wound Matrix, which is administered through a syringe with a flexible injector. This composition and method of administration allow for complete coverage in deep creviced wounds in a minimally invasive manner.


INTEGRA® Flowable Wound Matrix is indicated for the treatment of tunneling and/or undermined wounds including :

  • Surgical wounds (donor sites/grafts, post-Moh’s surgery, postlaser surgery, podiatric, wound dehiscence).
  • Diabetic ulcers.
  • Diabetic ulcers of both partial and full-thickness varieties.

The device is intended for one-time use.


This device should not be used in patients with known sensitivity to bovine collagen or chondroitin materials. The device is not indicated for use in third degree burns.

Ordering Information

Reference Description Quantity FDR 301 Flowable Wound Matrix 1 Unit/Kit 3cc

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FDR 301Flowable Wound Matrix1 Unit/Kit 3cc

Regulatory Information

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